General: What is a security system?

Security systems provide more security and control in and around the house in a reliable and easy way. A security system can be operated worldwide via Wi-Fi / SMS / GSM / phone call. Many different accessories can easily be added.

General: Do I have to install wires everywhere throughout my house?

No. The entire system works wirelessly. Most of the accessories work on (included) batteries. Only the control panel, siren and some sensors need power and therefore need the AC adapter with cable.

General: What is the difference between systems offered by goSmarthome and other systems?

Systems offered by goSmarthome have no monthly fees and can be installed in minutes without the need of an engineer. Of course you can order our installation service if you wish. The design of the systems offered by goSmarthome also merges with your living space and therefore does not need to be hidden in a closet or other space. There are many different easy-to-add accessories for detection or intrusion, but also detection of gas / smoke / water.

General: How do the systems work with accessories?

By using the frequency of 433 MHz or 868MHz and the one million different combinations of codes or with the FHSS technology a secure connection can be established between accessories and the panel. If a connection is made, when a sensor is triggered, the signal will be sent via the secure connection to the panel.

General: Are there any monthly fees or am I tied to a contract?

Systems offered by goSmarthome are easy, reliable and without any cost. There are no contracts or hidden fees. The only possibile costs could arise from the use of a SIM card or land line. For example when sending an SMS to enable or disable the alarm system. If the system works via WiFi, there are no charges.

General: What does it cost to install the system and how long will it take?

The systems are Plug and Play right out of the box. This means that the panel and the accessories are already paired and they only need to be positioned and powered on. If you are techy no installer is needed, there is no additional cost and you can do this using the supplied manual within short time. If you want you can delegate this work and order our competent, friendly and low-priced installation service.

General: Is it possible to extend my alarm system kit?

All security panels have the ability to easily link a variety of accessories. A kit often comes with a couple of accessoires. A panel can connect up to 50 accessories, depending on the system.

General: Which system is best for my home?

There is a system for every household within the full goSmarthome range which merges with the wishes of the user. Check what is important for you to be secured and what you are going to use often. Also you can call our service to find the right system for your needs.

General: What happens in case of alarm?

Depending on which system you have, there are several ways in which you will be informed in case of an alarm. In all cases, the internal siren will sound on the panel and any optional external sirens will sound too. You will then receive a notification via a push message, SMS and / or phone call and you can respond immediately through the app, SMS or the keypad of the phone.

General: What happens during a power failure?

When a power failure occurs, the built-in rechargeable battery will take over the operation of the panel. A message is sent to the administrator that the power failed.
If you have a WiFi alarm panel the Wifi connection will be turned off but the PSTN line cable connection will remain operable. Depending on the system, the average standby time of a panel is 8 hours.

General: What is the maximum range of a wireless alarm system?

The average range of a wireless alarm system is in open field about 100 meters or more. Maximum range indoors depends on the thickness of the walls, the material and possible interference from other signals. If the range is affected in such a way that the range is not sufficient, it can be extended with a signal repeater.

General: How can the range of a wireless device be reduced?

Reduced wireless performance can be caused by metal objects close to or between the receiver and transmitter, empty batteries or other wireless devices close by.
The reception is limited when the signal must pass through concrete walls and floors.

General: Is it possible to place the alarm panel anywhere in my house?

The panel can be placed anywhere where a stable GSM / WiFi network connection is applicable. A PSTN alarm panel should be placed next to a land line.

General: Why a tamper alarm is triggered?

Tamper protection protects the control panel or device from being opened or removed from it's mounting surface. For control panel, a tamper switch protects it from any removal attempts away from the bracket. If the panel or the sensor is not perfectly fixed to the application site the tamper alarm can be triggered. Please mount the sensor or panel on a flat ground.

Sensor: Sensors seem not to be triggered?

There are different settings for the sensors. If a sensor is set in the home mode and home mode is enabled on the system, then the system will not sound the alarm when these sensors are triggered.

Sensor: The PIR motion detecor does not seem to respond?

The PIR motion detector is equipped with an energy-saving mode. If motion is detected twice within 3 minutes the detector will go into 'sleeping mode' to save energy. The LED will not flash and no signal is sent to the control panel. If no movement is detected after 3 minutes, the motion detector will automatically return to the normal state and will be triggered directly when seeing movement.

Sensor: Why does the motion detector causes false alarms?

A motion sensor will be triggered by objects with a higher temperature like persons moving in the detection area. A heating, air conditioning, window or moving objects heated up by sunlight can be interpreted as intruders and cause a false alarm. Mount the motion detector that no such objects are within the detection area.
If you use a pet immune motion detector please ensure that your pet will not jump up a staircase, table or sofa within the detection area.

Sensor: Why a sensor transmits a tamper alert.

Tamper protection protects the device from being unauthorized opened or removed from it's mounting surface. If the sensor is not perfectly fixed to the application site the tamper alarm can be triggered. Please mount the sensor or panel on a flat ground.

Sensor: What is the expected lifetime of the supplied batteries in the detector and door/window contact?

The lifetime of the batteries depends on the use. On average these will last one year. If the sensors are located in a place where the sensor often is triggered then this will affect battery life and will be less then the average battery lifetime. Once the batteries of the sensors are almost empty, this will be indicated by the sensors through the LED indicator as well as a low-battery text message will be sent. You can also choose the goSmarthome battery service which will remind you automatically after 11 month to change the batteries. The service includes the reminder, the changing of batteries including all batteries.

APP: Do I pay for a app?

All available apps are free to download (App Store or Google Play). The complete functionality is free.

APP: I have no iOS or Android smartphone, am I not able to control my alarm system?

All alarm systems, except the Wifi systems, are operable by sending text messages. Even the most simple phone with SMS function has the possibility to operate the alarm systems.

APP: What can I do with a alarm system app?

With alarm system apps you can control your alarm system from anywhere in the world. The apps are available in both App Store and Google Play. Wifi systems need the app to operate the system. GSM systems use the app in order to make it easier and sent less SMS messages

APP: Are the apps with all mobile phones?

On all smartphones with a recent version of an iOS or Android operating system, apps are available for download and use. For this functionality, depending on the system, a mobile connection or mobile Internet / WiFi connection is necessary.

APP: Is there also an app for tablets?

You can use the phone app on the tablet to operate the alarm system.

GSM: My alarm panel does not seem to get a connection with the network?

The PIN code of the SIM card must be disabled before it is inserted into the panel. This can be done with a phone that supports the size of the SIM card.

GSM: I deleted the PIN of my SIM card, but the panel does not get a network connection?

Turn off the system by sliding the button to "Off". Turn the panel back on by sliding the switch to "On" and the connection should be established after searching the network.

GSM: Why I don't receive any notification if a alarm is triggered?

If a prepaid card is installed in the alarm panel it could be possible that there is no credit on the prepaid account. Try to make a phone call with your alarm panel. If you hear a announcement that your credit is to low you should charge the card. Some prepaid operators offer a automatically charging service from your bank account or credit card.

ALL BRANDS: Why there is a entry/exit delay and do I need it?

In order to leave enough time to exit/enter your house without triggering the sensors, you can set certain delay time for the system. You need a delay time if you want to switch of the alarm system without a remote control when coming home.

SMANOS: How can I restore the system to factory settings?

Restore to factory settings by pressing the connect button and the SOS button on the control panel at the same time. The panel will beep three times and all settings will be restored. Accessories will not loose their connection with the panel.
Make sure the system is off. The system can be restored by holding the home button, slide the power button from off to on. The panel will beep twice. All default settings will be restored.
Enter the admin code + "#" to enter the settings menu. Then enter '* 0 ##' to remove the settings and paired accessories.

MAXKIN and SMANOS: How can I remove the connected sensors?

MAXKIN and SMANOS systems:
Accessories can be deleted by pressing the connect button on the control panel for more than 6 seconds until it beeps once. All sensors and remote controls will be erased.
Keep the alarm off button. Slide while pressing and holding the on / off button from off to on (when the panel is on, then slide it forward first). The control panel displays within 10 seconds 3 times a beep. Then the alarm off button are released. All accessories (remote controls, sensors and RFID tags) are removed.

SMANOS and CHUANGO: I want to use the silent mode but it does not work?

Silent mode ensures that no confirmation tone for delay is used by the system. This function can be used by first clicking on the home button on the remote control and then the arm or disarm button. Generally, when pressing the home button and the LED indicator is off, the arm or disarm button can be pressed to ensure it always works correctly.

SMANOS and CHUANGO: I do not receive an SMS confirmation of a setting or alarm?

SMANOS and CHUANGO systems:
Ensure that the correct language is set in the system (SMS: "0001" to set English).
Make sure your phone number is entered correctly in the list of emergency phone numbers. This can be set via the app.

SMANOS and CHUANGO: I want to use the silent mode but it does not work?

Silent mode ensures that no confirmation tone for delay is used by the system. This function can be used by first clicking on the home button on the remote control and then the arm or disarm button. Generally, when pressing the home button and the LED indicator is off, the arm or disarm button can be pressed to ensure it always works correctly.

MAXKIN, SMANOS and CHUANGO: How many users can be added?

SMANOS and CHUANGO systems:
Five alarm phone numbers can be added. These are also the authorized phone numbers to control and modify the system.
Three alarm phone numbers can be added. These are also the authorized phone numbers to control and modify the system.

MAXKIN, SMANOS and CHUANGO: Connecting an optional external siren does not work?

A siren can be linked by pressing the connect button on the siren half a second until a beep is heard and the LED indicator shows it is in connection mode. Then the SOS button on the panel can be pressed. The siren will sound a beep to indicate it paired successfully.

MAXKIN, SMANOS and CHUANGO: How can I assign names to the zones (sensors)?

In the app names can be set via the menu. An SMS message will be made with the set names. After sending it will be set.

MAXKIN, SMANOS and CHUANGO: What am I able to do when the alarm goes off?

It is possible to listen what is happening in the room via the control panel.

MAXKIN, SMANOS, CHUANGO and INDEXA: How can I set an extra delay zone (sensor)?

If a longer delay time is needed, sensors can be set seperatly into 'single delay zone'. This is possible with the icon to the right of the name in the app where sensor names can be set (SMANOS) or with jumper setting before pairing the sensor with the alarm panel (MAXKIN, CHUANGO, INDEXA). Then in the menu is a separate option (last tab at the bottom) to find ways to set the duration.

RFID: What is the use of RFID tag?

When your children and families use it to unlock the door and disarm the system, the host can receive a notice message. For the company, it can be used as Attendance Machine.

RFID: When using a RFID tag the system switches off but it does not send a text message?

In the system can be both the app via an RFID name set as an RFID phone number. These should both be filled in for this function to work.

RFID: When using the RFID tag the panel does not respond?

The RFID function can only be used if the panel is connected to AC power. In addition, you can check whether the RFID tag is already paired with the control panel. If it is not paired, pair the RFID-tag the usual way.

PSTN alarm systems: I want to use the PSTN line cable but I still want to fully use my phone?

You can use both. The PSTN alarm panel features on the rear of the panel over a telephone line input and output. This makes it possible to plug the existing line in the right input and then connect the left output to the phone.

PSTN alarm systems: I have no (PSTN) phone line cable, am I still able to use the PSTN alarm system?

Yes. The PSTN line cable serves as backup for the alarm notification functionality. In case of an alarm the system will send a push message / SMS directly. The stored alarm phone numbers will be dialed directly. If the PSTN line cable is not connected the system will not call (WiFi alarm systems) but it will still sent the push message / SMS directly.

WiFi alarm systems: What internet connection do I need for a Wifi alarm system?

All contemporary Wifi standards on 2.4 GHz are supported. The speed of the Internet can have effect on the performance of the system. It is recommended to use a fast and well-functioning Internet connection for optimum performance.

WiFi alarm systems: Why don't I receive a push notification, even when the 3G network is enabled?

This problem can be caused by several factors. Is the WiFi alarm panel properly connected to the network? Does the network have a working internet connection? Check if your smartphone has a working internet connection?

WiFi alarm systems: Will I still be receiving push messages from my WiFi alarm panel when I am abroad?

Push messages can only be sent over the Internet. It requires an Internet connection to receive these messages. When abroad, this is possible via WiFi but also via a mobile internet connection when roaming is enabled. View the roaming settings in your smartphone. Note when using internet abroad costs are often higher.

SMANOS W 100: How do I add new accessories to my alarm panel after installation?

There are two different connection settings, one for sensors and one for remote controls. To register a new remote control, enter the admin code + '#'. Then enter "# 0 * '. Click on a button on the remote to connect. The panel will beep once to indicate it paired succesfully.
For coupling of accessories can also admin code + '#' are introduced to enter the settings menu. Then enter "# * * 'in. The panel is in connection mode for a sensor. This may be triggered so that the signal is captured by the panel. The panel will beep once to indicate that the coupling has succeeded.

SMANOS SS 1005 and CHUANGO WS 105: How can I activate the night light function on my indoor siren?

The night light function can be activated by pressing twice on the home button on the remote control. This works best if there is some time between the two clicks. A good indicator for the duration between clicking the button is the light on the remote control. When the LED indicator is off after the first click on the home button, it can be pressed the second time. When the night light function is activated the home mode is activated.

SMANOS SS 1005 and CHUANGO WS 105: How can I remove the connected sensors or alarm panel on my indoor siren?

Press the connect button on the control panel 6 seconds, the control panel will beep once and the LED indicator flashes twice.

SMANOS SS 1005 and CHUANGO WS 105: Can I set a delay time on my indoor siren and how?

It is possible to set the delay times in the following way:
• Press the connect button twice to set a delay time of 30 seconds.
• Press the connect button three times to set a delay of 60 seconds to set.
• Press the connect button four times to deactivate delay time.

SMANOS IP 6 and CHUANGO IP 116: When setting up with the smart sound link my smartphone does not beep?

Make sure your smartphone is not on mute when playing the sound, either by sound profile or by volume. The sound can be played multiple times until the camera emits a response sound.

SMANOS IP 6 and CHUANGO IP 116: The camera is offline and can not connect to the network?

Make sure the internet works on the network the camera is connected to. If the name or password for the wireless network is changed, this should also be changed into the camera. To change this, press and hold the reset button 5 seconds until the camera sounds a beep. Connect the camera again through the normal steps in the app as described in the user manual.

SMANOS IP 6 and CHUANGO IP 116: The camera is reset but I am unable to link a new account?

It is not possible to link more than one account with a camera. The connection can be removed by logging into the app and remove the camera out of the list in the associated account. Then a new account can be connected with the camera.

SMANOS IP 6 and CHUANGO IP 116: How do I stop sharing with other accounts?

View the list of shared cameras via the menu at the left top. Click on the camera of which you want to stop sharing. All shared account e-mail addresses are now visible. Drag your finger from right to left on the account to remove it from the list and stop sharing.

SMANOS IP 6 and CHUANGO IP 116: The app indicates 'adding camera successful' but I do not see it in the camera list?

After adding the camera via the app, the camera will connect to the network. This is shown by the blue LED on the camera itself. If the LED on the camera flashes, the camera is connecting to the network. Once the blue LED is on, there is a connection and should be emerging in the IP6 app (after refreshing the list).

SMANOS IP 6 and CHUANGO IP 116: The QR code on the camera is unreadable, how can I install the camera anyway?

Follow steps 1 and 3 of the smart sound link setup in order to connect the camera to your network. Then click [add new camera] and then [find local camera]. An ID number will be displayed. Select this number and the camera will be added to the account.

SMANOS IP 6 and CHUANGO IP 116: How can I share the camera with other people?

The camera can be shared via the app. The person who wants to receive and view a shared camera needs to have the app installed with an own account. The account can be made easily and free of cost. To share the camera; search the camera in the list of the associated account. Next, press the share option at the right top of the camera view and press "share camera". Now fill in the account e-mail address of which it has to be shared to. When finished the camera is directly visible in the list of the added account.