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Risk of burglaries increases

To the day of burglar protection: A professional burglar starts to blab With the beginning of the dark season also the risk of burglary increases… … almost half of all burglaries take place between October and January. The perpetrators use the early darkness to gain access to apartments and houses. Within the scope of the “Day... READ MORE


That’s why Germany is a burglars paradise

André Schulz (Bundesvorsitzender, Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter (BDK) Increase in home burglaries: Who is responsible for this? The Grand Coalition has just agreed on parts of a new security package – this also provides for a more punishable dumping of home burglaries. Experts declare the measure as insufficient. The condemnation rate for housing burglaries is 1 to... READ MORE


Burglars flee for alarm

“Burglars flee for alarm Unknown tried Wednesday morning to break up a family house on the Deußstrasse in Krefeld. The police reported  that at 1:35 the alarm system woke up the residents . The perpetrators had already unscrewed the safety fittings of the door and dismantled the cylinder locks . When opening the door, the alarm set... READ MORE


One out of 100. burglarys will be solved and will lead to prison

Every 100th burglary leads to detention On average, there is a break in households on the Rhine and Ruhr region around 150 times per day . But out of 100 burglaries ends up only one offender behind bars, another 0.7 % received probation ….. The low conviction rate that far is below the national average of 2.6... READ MORE