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VdS class A (G 108701)
Intruder alarm system
VdS class A (G 109708)
switching device
GWA (H 108001) Intrusion Alarm Panel
GWA (H 109010) switching device
EN 50131-3: Grade 2

The wireless security system DSS2 A
(VdS system approval S 109705)
enables the integration of wireless
Components in intruder alarm panels
complex 200H / 400H.
With the help of up to 2 wireless gateways
FGW 210, connected to com2BUS the
EMZ, become radio detectors with the EMZ
connected. This will be from a
conventional EMZ a hybrid-EMZ.
The signals between the radio gateway
FGW 210 and the radio components
transmitted by radio waves.
The special feature on the radio is the
Propagation of radio waves through walls
and over property boundaries, etc.
time. This initially useful
Property can be annoying then
act when multiple wireless components
in the same area the same
Use radio frequencies.
Because these states change constantly
can, a process is necessary
which in case of need automatically by
occupied on unoccupied radio channels
switches without messages
get lost.
Such a method is that
automatic frequency management system
For the DSS2 is the ISM frequency band
(433.05 MHz to 434.79 MHz) after one
TELENOT’s own channel grid in 12
Radio channels divided. The MCRT system
automatically selects three
undisturbed channels for the
Data transfer off. Should it be up
a channel during operation
Influences by others
Radio activities will come
automatically on the other, not
disturbed channel changed.
All DSS2 radio components work
bidirectional and are thus in the
Able to send and receive messages
The radio range of the radio components
depends on the local
Conditions and may vary depending on the number
and type of walls to be penetrated
and ceilings between 20 m and 300 m
be. This corresponds approximately to the
Reach ratios, how to get them
also from a cordless phone
The radio alarm system is with the
Parameterization software compasX

The wireless alarm system compact easy is
for use in private and
intended for small commercial use.
The burglar alarm center is managed
a backup area and is for the
Construction of medium security systems
according to the VdS guidelines (class A),
VdS Home and the VDE 0833 suitable.
With the integrated wireless gateway FGW
210 can be components by radio in
integrate the burglar alarm system.
The head office thus connects everyone
Advantages of a wired system with
those of a radio alarm system.

For alarm transmission is in the
Central a transmission device
comXline 2516 GSM easy integrated.
The operation of this
Transmission equipment is only in
Connection with a
Intruder alarm panel complex 200H
easy possible.
There is only one serial
Connection to the burglar alarm panel
and a reduced number of
Participant types (via landline (la / lb)
is only participant type “language”

The alarm app BuildSec
allows comfortable operation
and visualization of the radio
Alarm system via smartphone.


Manufacturer number: 100075948
Manufacturer type: cpt easy 200H / 2516 (GSM) / BT800aP
VdS class: A
Power consumption: 150.00
Assembly time: 540.00
Trade weight: 10.80
Quantity unit: ST
Article number: 100075948



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