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Burglar protection with Piper NV

Piper NV is the perfect security system through fully customizable security modes – control your home with three easy-to-use security modes: home, away, and vacation.

The built-in motion and sound detection secures your home perfectly. With the precise integrated movement sensor and a high-quality microphone for loud noise detection, ensure that no one reaches your house undetected.

Should intruders try their luck, they are quenched with the integrated powerful 105 dB siren.

These are equipment details:

  • Motion and Sound Detection – Use the built-in precise motion sensor and the high-quality microphone to detect loud noises to ensure that no one enters the house.
  • 105 dB siren – Listen to the powerful intruder deterrent siren when a security mode is violated.
  • 180 degree view angle camera – See everything with a panoramic view? The Pan / Tilt / Zoom functions give you a perfect overview.
  • Wireless Accessories – Extend the functionality of your security system and SmartHomes with more powerful functions through external sensors or actuators.
  • 2-way audio – Use the audio system to keep in touch with your family or pets.

Important notifications

Be aware of what’s going on at home while you’re away. Piper NV notifies you when events happen by:

  • Push messages
  • SMS
  • E-mails
  • Phone calls
    … or any combination of these four types of notification

Video monitoring

  • Captivating Videos – Watch the entire space through the industry’s leading 180 degree field of view camera.
  • Panorama Video – Stand the entire room with the industry’s leading 180 degree field of view camera.
  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Split Screen – Discover every inch of your room in live or recorded videos with pan, tilt and zoom functions. You can even split your screen into four independent viewing zones.
  • Video on Demand – Watch live or recorded videos from your smartphone or tablet at any time, anywhere, without monthly charges

Smart Home

  • Lighting and device control – Automating, scheduling and remote control – control lighting and devices directly with the Smartphone through the Piper NV app using a smart switch, microsmart switch or dimmer.
  • Burglar Protection – Set up door and window sensors so that Piper NV will send you an alarm and take action if there is a security violation.
  • Presence simulation – Let Piper NV turn your lighting and appliances on and off even when you’re not at home. This is how potential burglars think you are at home and reject the burglary attempt.
  • Home Vitals – Piper NV recognizes and displays the environmental data that Piper NV can automate to ensure you return to a safe and comfortable home. Leave Piper NV for example control your air conditioning and you will always get the suitable temperature.

Smart Arming with Life360

The integration of Life360, the powerful localization technology, into the Piper NV platform provides a new feature for your Piper NV – Smart Arming. Smart Arming detects and informs you when all family members have left the house, but your Piper NV is still disarmed. Now you have the opportunity to arm your Piper NV with the Smartphone app. Optionally, Smart Arming can also automatically arm your Piper NV security system.




Night Vision
Enhanced Immersive Video Experience
3.4 Megapixels
180 degree view
Pan, Tilt, Zoom & Quad-view


105 dB siren




7.5W AC/DC Wall Adapter
3 AA Battery Backup


802.11 b/g/n
Series 500 Z-Wave Controller

In The Box


Aluminum Stand x 1

Optional wall mount x 1

Power adapter with 1.8m cord x 1

AA alkaline batteries x 3

Battery door screw x 1

Quick start guide x 1

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