Risk of burglaries increases

To the day of burglar protection: A professional burglar starts to blab
With the beginning of the dark season also the risk of burglary increases…
… almost half of all burglaries take place between October and January. The perpetrators use the early darkness to gain access to apartments and houses. Within the scope of the “Day of Burglary Protection”, the police informed nationwide about the possible dangers, as well as concrete measures and recommendations to prevent any break-in.
… In 2015 the police reported 167,000 burglaries. The figure thus rose by 9.9% compared to the previous year. At the same time, however, the number of failed burglar attempts also rose to 42.7%. One reason for this is the provision of hazard warning and safety consultancy services. Extensive information and tips on burglar protection will be made available on the campaign website www.k-einbruch.de.

Source: WebsPressemitteilung 27.10.2016